What we sometimes loose track of, due to so much global news, is what’s happening in our own local market. The reality is, the market in BC and Alberta is different from all other regions of North America.

The good news is the market in the West is growing and continues to enjoy an annual increase in population. What this means is that many savvy investors are looking for a good business investment. As you are well aware, in addition to a great business climate, the West offers the best world-class downhill skiing, golfng, and boating. It is sometimes overlooked that we also have the best wines in the world. All of this results in the West being one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, while having more purchasers wanting Western business than we have good businesses for sale.
The Big Questions
The questions I get asked the most often by business owners are:
“when is the best time to sell my business”?
“what sort of historical profit picture do I need to have to be successful in selling”?
“is financing available for Purchasers ... do I have to take a Vendor Note”?
“if I wait to sell, will the increase in supply of businesses impact my price”?
“what do I need to be doing right now to get my business ready for sale”?
Free Report Information
I've written a report that answers these questions and explains much more including how you can prepare yourself and your company for sale. It's based on my experience with hundreds of clients and I'll be glad to send you a copy.
What will I learn in the Report
This free report explains how to prepare your company for sale without spending any money. It also includes a scorecard for determining ... Is now the best time to sell.? The report describes what these 7 topics look like for business owners in the West right now:
The business is consistently profitable
Purchasers are motivated
Financing is available
There is limited competition on the market
There is opportunity for growth
The owner is motivated but not compelled to sell
The business is ready for sale

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